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The RDI Conference is being organised by a Committee convened by the RDI Network and the University of Sydney, representing both academics and practitioners in the field of international development:

  • Keren Winterford, University of Technology Sydney
  • Jackie Robertson, Transform Aid International
  • Susan Engel, University of Wollongong
  • Elisabeth Kramer, University of Sydney
  • Sally Asker, InSIGHT Sustainability Pty Ltd
  • Susan Goodwin, University of Sydney
  • Joel Negin, University of Sydney
  • Carolin Leeshaa, Fred Hollows Foundation
  • Samanthi Gunawaradana, Monash University
  • Eleanor Jackson, Oxfam-Monash Partnership
  • Jacqueline Thomas, University of Sydney
  • Patrick Kilby, Australian National University
  • Robyn Alders, University of Sydney
  • Thomas Soem, University of Sydney
  • Philippa Smales, RDI Network
  • Jenny Vaccari, RDI Network

If you have any questions about the Conference, please contact:

Philippa Smales
Network & Partnerships Manager
The RDI Network


Thomas Soem
Head, International Agencies and Governments Programs
University of Sydney


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